Remote renewable energy can deliver stable, affordable power to large energy users

For enterprise clients with large energy loads, Alta Energy offers procurement of customized offsite renewable energy solutions.

In regions where purchasing electricity from third-party providers is allowed (i.e., from parties who are not the local servicing utilities), offsite renewables can be an attractive option for many enterprises. Specifically, energy can be contracted at long-term, attractive energy rates, hedge against volatility, and deliver renewable energy certificates (“RECs”) associated with the project.

Alta Energy can create comprehensive remote renewable energy solutions that can include long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) delivered via qualified Energy Service Providers, with contingencies to provide default electricity to power your facilities at times when the renewable energy system is not generating power (such as at night for solar).

Offsite renewable energy also provides an option to utilize “Virtual PPAs” or “Synthetic PPAs”, which eliminate the requirement for the client to take the generated power directly. Alta Energy will assist in procuring “Virtual PPAs” to achieve clients’ hedging and sustainability goals.

For more information on how we can craft a custom solution that meets your goals, contact us.

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