Onsite renewables can provide compelling economic value

In today’s world of volatile energy prices and the growing importance of sustainability, onsite renewable energy systems can provide meaningful economic and environmental benefits.

Photovoltaic (solar) electric generation systems can provide electricity at significant savings when directly offsetting energy purchased from the utility grid – but that is only the beginning.

These systems can be combined with other technologies – energy storage, for example – to further improve the economics of the system. A correctly-configured battery storage system can reduce the demand charge (peak time-of-use charges) component found in most commercial utility rate structures. If such a system is built on canopy structures over parking lots, or combined with LED lighting and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures, it can provide significant additional benefits such as shade and power for electric vehicles.

Alta Energy crafts the right mix of technologies and products to support your renewable energy goals. We work with you to understand your electricity usage and identify opportunities for savings. The initial step is to assess system production alternatives and various economic impacts. Then we evaluate individual sites for roof condition and other attributes to develop a detailed view of each project. Finally, we analyze alternate ownership/financing structures to complete the picture in order to help you make the business case within your organization. It is the thoroughness of Alta Energy’s holistic process that brings success in completing onsite renewable energy deployments.

More information on how we can help you cost-effectively procure onsite solar energy:

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