Flexible array of engagement alternatives.

Alta Energy’s holistic client engagement process encompasses two basic types of services: procurement and development of renewable energy solutions.

Leveraging its broad and diverse vendor network, Alta Energy can deliver a uniquely flexible combination of products and services – at the most cost-effective price – without compromising quality or benefits. This network offers everything from products (e.g. solar panels) to services (i.e. engineering to installation), providing for a full spectrum of customizable solutions.

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Procuring the Right Solution: Deployment Management Services for Onsite Renewables

Alta Energy’s Deployment Management Services (“DMS”) span the full spectrum of services necessary to successfully procure a renewable energy solution.

When you engage with us, we help you to:

Identify where renewable energy makes sense for your business.

  • Build a profile, starting with your goals, questions & concerns.
  • Rank properties based on hurdle rates and other criteria.
  • Assess the best combination of technology & financing structures.

Make the business case to internal decision-makers.

  • Present clear, accurate information based on objective, comprehensive analysis.
  • Seize opportunities in a constantly changing market/policy environment.

Complete the right renewable energy projects efficiently, with the best vendors at the best prices/terms.

  • Match your needs and projects with the best vendors.
  • Leaving you to focus on your core business.

Alta Energy’s neutral, competitive procurement process gives clients more choice than any single vendor and allows clear, apples-to-apples comparisons. Clients choose among pre-qualified bids to secure the best terms for each project.

Procuring the Right Energy Contract:
Deployment Management Services for Offsite Renewables

Our DMS is also used to source offsite renewable energy . These contracts can serve to replace your current utility or third-party energy contracts with a renewable energy. We are able to source a range of options, including designated renewable energy generation plants (e.g. solar or wind farms) or virtual PPAs.

When you engage with us, we help you to:

1. Understand

Your current third party energy contracts (or opportunity to procure energy from a non-utility source)

2. Assess

The economic feasibility of procuring offsite renewable energy

3. Identify

Possible provider/developers of desired energy type and green credits

4. Negotiate

With energy generators/developers and energy service providers

5. Construct

a long-term, hedged renewable energy and services contract

Alta Energy’s ability to analyze and create customized offsite renewable energy contracts can result not only in large operational savings, but can also provide for long-term, hedged energy strategies that deliver significant sustainability benefits through green credits.

Full Development of Onsite Renewable Energy Solutions: Project Development Services

If the complexity of a project is such that we believe the standard RFP-based process is unlikely to yield optimal results, we offer our Project Development Services (“PDS”). In these specialized circumstances, Alta Energy will fully design and develop, on a turn-key basis, the right renewable energy solution directly for our clients.

We are able to provide PDS to you at competitive prices by leveraging our extensive network of vendors, where we utilize the best combination of qualified product and service providers. Our PDS model is fully transparent. We work with you to weigh the merits of project alternatives and design choices. These services are offered under a shared-savings arrangement whereby both parties are rewarded by making the right choices without compromising quality.

PDS is offered selectively to clients whose projects will be better served in this manner. Please contact us to learn more about the types of situations where PDS may be the right solution for you.

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