Alta Energy was founded to empower enterprises to deploy renewable energy in a simplified, profitable manner.

We saw that operating companies, real estate owners and commercial agriculture operators wanted the benefits of renewable energy but were getting derailed by the daunting complexity of analysis and implementation.

Enterprises committed to reducing their energy costs and/or their carbon footprint are bombarded with sales pitches from all sorts of vendors in the renewable energy field – from solar developers to finance companies to product manufacturers. Yet without a consistent framework and objective analysis, these sales pitches can be meaningless. Corporate decision-makers are often paralyzed by these challenges and information overload.

Profitable opportunities are often missed. Sound projects don’t get built. Utility bills continue to rise while staff attempts to plow through the data and proposals.

At Alta Energy, we understand the complexities and difficulties that our clients face as they evaluate and deploy renewable energy. Our comprehensive, strategic approach gives you the knowledge and the confidence necessary to convert your business goals into reality.

The truth is that every enterprise is unique. Every property is different, and every technology has tradeoffs. Market conditions and government incentives fluctuate constantly. Staying on top of this complexity can be a distraction from your core business.

Alta Energy is the trusted ally for enterprises that want lower and stable energy costs, a reliable supply, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Comprehensive, Objective Approach to Renewable Energy Procurement

We start by working with you to better understand and quantify your goals.

This results in a deep understanding of your needs that can be translated into an executable strategy to achieve those goals.

We help you assess your current energy usage, future needs, and available facility and real estate assets. These assessments are critical in developing a holistic view of feasible renewable solutions based on our analysis of current and future energy usage profiles, utility rates, incentives and available financing structures for each location.

When you are ready to implement a strategy – whether it’s a single project or a full portfolio engagement – we will be there to help you optimally execute the deployment, from full RFP development to conducting competitive bid management and contracting. Our analytics tools and standardized processes are designed to ensure that projects will be completed cost-effectively and efficiently. We encourage you to be engaged in the process to the level you find appropriate.

The result is an optimized deployment of renewable energy solutions – at the right time, the right locations, and the right cost for the right benefits – all with minimal additional work for you, our client.

Empowering The Enterprise With Renewable Energy:
Clear Choices, Profitable Results.

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