We assess renewable energy alternatives and show you viable opportunities across your portfolio to generate new Net Operating Income (NOI) – empowering you to make the best decisions.

Alta Energy cuts through the morass of data and choices our clients face: technologies, financing structures, incentives, geo-specific and property-specific data, implementation options and vendor alternatives. We then present each property’s renewable energy potential in a consistent, objective framework and monitor the whole portfolio over time against the client’s “go/no go” criteria.

For our clients, it couldn’t be simpler – you give us energy consumption data for potential project sites and your financial and operational criteria. We then come back with a clear, objective view of available options. This view includes:

  • IRR & ROI
  • Payback Period
  • Projected Revenue
  • Project Cost & Financing Options

Property owners can have confidence they will maximize the value of their rooftop and other real estate assets through economically sound renewable energy projects — and secure a long-term source of affordable, clean energy. Property managers can lower the operating costs of the properties they manage, as well as further leverage the use of available property assets while addressing sustainability goals.

Objective Renewable Energy Analysis and Procurement

For your commercial or industrial property portfolio, Alta Energy will:

  1. Identify properties that meet your financial criteria. This ensures that your financial hurdles for return on investment (ROI), internal rate of return (IRR), payback, and/or other metrics are the cornerstone of your energy assessment and deployment strategy.
  2. Gather and assess characteristics for each property.  Each property has unique characteristics such as type of structures, available surface area, roof angle, age and orientation, additional developable areas (parking lots, parking structures, land), as well as location-specific data including meteorological conditions. In addition, each property has a unique assortment of available incentives under various federal, state, local or utility-based programs.
  3. Evaluate all properties for objective “go/no go” choice on renewable energy. We provide a user-friendly, actionable report that highlights the cost-effective solar and other clean energy opportunities in your portfolio, based on your criteria.
  4. Monitor the entire portfolio over time to identify viable projects.  As market and policy conditions change, we provide regular updates on the status of your portfolio– providing you immediate information on new incentives and ad hoc reports, as needed.
  5. Request standardized proposals from qualified installers and/or integrators in a neutral, competitive process. When the timing is right and a client decides to deploy renewable energy at a site, we ensure that all vendors in the process are qualified to complete a specific project successfully.
  6. Present vendor proposals to you for selection and project completion. You then contract directly with the vendor(s), ensuring that you maintain full control over implementation and financial management.

We Invest in You, So You Can Confidently Invest in Renewable Energy

Our business model is based on establishing long-term relationships with our clients – owners of retail, industrial, warehouse, office, medical facilities, and other types of properties in multiple locations.

We get paid only when a renewable energy project meets the property owner’s criteria, the property owner selects a qualified vendor and the project is developed. In other words, we are only paid when our clients and vendor partners succeed.

The bottom line for commercial and industrial property owners:

Economic value from lower
energy costs and/or
an additional revenue

Reliable, affordable
clean energy supply

Progress toward
sustainability goals and commitments

More time to
focus on core business activities

Case Study: Westfield, Inc.

Alta Energy has assisted in the planning, execution and completion of a range of solar energy projects across Westfield’s extensive portfolio of shopping centers.

Solar Deployed over Portfolio: > 3 MW

Century City Shopping Center:

Photovoltaic System Size:


Carbon Dioxide Avoided:

 metric tons per year

Equivalent to removing 107 passenger vehicles from the road

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