Summary of Services

Alta Energy works as a trusted partner for commercial, industrial, real estate and agricultural enterprises in the complex renewable energy marketplace.

We integrate the essential functions for successful renewable energy planning and deployment





Working with Alta Energy, complex renewable energy projects become a simplified, turnkey process.

We can create and deploy virtually any renewable energy solution through our national network of pre-qualified vendors. We are objective and neutral in assessing where, when and how our clients should deploy renewable energy. We provide the expertise and decision-making tools that empower clients to choose the best solution and gain the financial, environmental and marketing benefits of clean, affordable energy.

All beneficial renewable energy solutions begin with a solid understanding of historical energy use, current load profiles and future plans and goals. This translates into the importance of the critical first step – a thorough, unbiased analysis based on a deep understanding of the facility, its physical attributes, the energy rate tariff, local and other incentives and overall market trends. The analysis becomes more complicated when you have multiple locations across the country that engage with a variety of utilities, local policies, energy rates and usage patterns.

With our knowledge and understanding of local and national energy markets, we can illustrate how various renewable technologies play into your future plans.

We provide these services at no direct cost to you, the client.


An engagement with Alta Energy begins with a discussion about the unique goals and operational characteristics of your organization, so that we can best understand your business needs. This allows us to provide just the right level and nature of services.

Whether it is just analysis and RFP management, or a full turn-key development with third-party financing, we are there to support you and your team in clearing the path to the optimal outcome.

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